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Warning! >D You're about to get inside my mind. For most of you, this is very strange and extremely scarey. For others, I think you know your way around. Lol. xD

Welp, here I shall put a quiz of 70 some questions!! :D!!
1. Real name: Michelle
2. Nicknames: Michie
3. DOB: June 23rd, 1987
4. Birthplace: California. 
5. Where Do You Live Now?: Caaalifornia.
6. Parent(s): Mom 'n dad xD
7. Sibling(s): Youngest/middle. I'm an only child because my older brother is a half and he never really lived with us.
8. What Do You Look Like: In a constant state of, 'o__________o'
9. Favorite Animal(s): Meh..iunno.
10. Favorite TV Shows: Buffy, Charmed, Xena.
11. Favorite Actor: Gregory Smith
12.Favorite Actress or Performer: -favorites-
13.Favorite Movie(s): AGH!!! Um. Again no favorites but so far, Lord of the Rings x]
14. School: Homeschool.
15. Future School: Homeschool.
16. Future Job: Dunno! Writer, maybe!
!7. Any Pets: Franky, Missy, ThiDa, numerous fish.
18. Favorite fictional Costume Character: O_o
19. Favorite Candy: Lollipops, candy canes...
20. Hobbies: o-O Sleeping count? Computer? Webcam?
22. Do You Have A Personal Phone Line: No, but I have a cell phooone.
24. Favorite Thing On/in You : >D I could be so dirty....
25. Favorite Body Part(s) Of The Opposite Sex: His eyes ^^
26. Best Place To Mess Around/Get Freaky: o.O I don't 'mess around/get freaky'
27. Any Tattoos And Where Of What?: I don't have any but if I ever get one, it'll probably be of my favorite faery on my ankle ^.^
29. What Do You Sleep In: My clothes I was wearing usually x]
31. Best Advice: Screw careful what you wish for! Be thankful for everything.
34. Non-Sport Activity You Enjoy: Eh, Unno.
35. Dream Car: Mazda Miata Convertible in Cherry Red!!!!!!!!!
37. Scariest Thing You've Ever Done: Broke up with someone, but I'm glad I did.
38. Favorite Thing To Do In Spring: Grumble because I can't go outside because of the light rain.
39. What's Your Bedtime: When I'm too sleepy to stay up. <--- xD One in the same, Kristi and Ree. One in the same.
40. Where Do You Shop?: Hot Topic, SJMBS
41. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi.
42. Favorite Thing To Wear?: Um. Usually I just throw on whatever. xD
43. Favorite Subject In School?: x_X
44. Favorite Color: Blue, green, red, white, black..o.o
45. Favorite Music Group(s): ^^ Godsmack, NFG, Blink-182, Massive Attack
46. Favorite People To Talk To Online: Nick, Ree, Kallie.
47. Root-Beer or Dr. Pepper?: Ew, god..I hate them both >.<
51. Do You Smoke?: Nuup.
52. Favorite Vacation Spot: I..hate..travelling...
54. Favorite Family Member: o.o Iunno. Me, I guess xD
55. Did You Eat Paint Chips When You Were A Kid?: o_o;;.. No... did you..?
57. Favorite CD you own: Hmn. I dunno.
58. The Person Who You Hate The Most: I don't really -hate- anyone...but mike >D Hehehe.
60. Favorite Food(s): Eh. Iunno.
61. Who Is The Hottest Guy or Girl In The World?: Currently, Gregory Smith. >D At least until I see that Tae Kwon Do pic, Nick :P
62. Any piercings: Ears. I want my ear cartilege but my mom won't let me e.e...
63. What Is Your Favorite Salad Dressing?: Honey Mustard ^^!
64. When You Die, Do You Wanna Be Buried or Burned Into
Ashes?: Burned.
65. Do You Believe In Aliens?: Mhm.
66. If You Had The Chance To Professionally Do anything
What Would You Do?: Spend money >D Ehehe.
67. Things You Obsess Over: Nick, MLP, Ree, my animals.
68. Favorite Day(s) of the Week: Friday! I get my Nick... all... night... long. Yeah, baby. *Grin.*
69. A Teacher You Hate(d): o.o;; Umm...Mrs. Nichols! What a ho..e.e
70. Favorite Disney Movie: Beauty and the Beast..Little Mermaid..
71. What is Your Favorite Season?: Winter!!
72. What Toppings Do You Like On Your Pizza?: Mushrooms, olives...
73. Do You Like Your School Food: O.o; Well, technically it's the food my mom
makes so.. yes! ^_^;; *looks nervously at her mom*
74. If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would You Live?: x_X Uh. Canada. Get me away from Bush.
75. Favorite Thing To Do On Weekends: u.u What do I ALWAYS do on weekends?
76. Favorite Thing To Get Clean: >D I could be..SO..dirty..
77. Favorite Magazine: Seventeen.
78. Favorite Book: Dont have one.
79. Last movie you saw: In the theatres? Shanghai Knights.

Emyn Muil Love Medley
Written by LiveJournal User LemonLye

Frodo: All our friends are dead...
Sam: Come on, you've got to eat.
Frodo: All our friends are dead...
Sam: Must keep you on your feet.
Frodo: All our friends are de-e-e-ead...
Sam: Let's eat, just the same.
Frodo: I was doomed to take the Ring, Samwise; you don't have to follow me.
Sam: The only way of losing me, Frodo, is to tie me to a tree.
Frodo: We'll both die, you know we'll both die.
Sam: We might not, 'cause you're so hot.
Frodo: Just like Gandalf knew, one day they will get me too.
Sam: You crazy fool, I won't abandon you.
Frodo: Don't let me go mad... I can't survive...without your strong ropes, oh Samwise...don't let me go mad...
Sam: You'd think that people would have had enough of evil curses.
Frodo: I look at Mordor and I see it isn't so, oh no.
Sam: Some people want to rule the world with evil curses.
Frodo: Well, what's wrong with that, I'd like to know? Oops, there I go aga-ain... Let's get this Ring where it belongs. Escape that Eye, on its mountain high...
Sam: It makes us act like we are fools. Throw that Ring away, we can save the day.
Frodo: We could be heroes, in legends one day...
Sam: You, you'll put on the Ring...
(Frodo: No, I won't...)
Sam: And I, I won't sleep a wink.
Frodo: We should trust Gollum...
Sam: We can't do that.
Frodo: We should trust Gollum, and that's a fact.
Sam: If nothing can get us to Mordor...
Frodo: We could ask him...
Frodo & Sam: Just this one time. We could be heroes, in Red Book legends. We can be heroes, at 3-foot-2-inches. We can be heroes...
Frodo: Just because I...I can always trust you...
Sam: I...
Frodo & Sam: I can trust in you...
Sam: How awful would life be...
Frodo & Sam: If Sauron took hold...