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Angels or Devils


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This page is for you people who dont know what the heck I'm talkin' about when I make odd noises or odd faces(online.) This page, is all for you. Learn something!! If you STILL need help, ask Ree. Her AIM name is SorrowfulNothing. xD She'll help you out.

Faces. All emotion.

x.X;;; 1. Ergh... 2. That sucks and thats all I can think of sayin' to you. 2. Embarrassing much?!

-.o 1. were right...I was wrong..e.e(1,2) Leave me alone. (See below for e.e)

>.o;; 1. UGH! 2. Ohhhhhhhhh you suck. 3. You anger me.

e.e 1. 2. (Narrowed eyes, and firing off pretend arrows) 3. I feel..your pain.. 4. Eeexcellent...

>.<!!!!! (Normally with more !'s) 1. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

^^ 1. Quickie ^_^, and/or ^.^

^_^! 1. Eee!!! 2. EeeEEee! Cool!

^.^! 1. ME SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

^_____^ 1. Heeeeeeeeeeeeee. HeeHEE!

o.o; 1. Uhhh... 2. Err... 3. Mmmmmmmkeeyaaayy....

O.o;; 1. Wtf? 2. See o.o; for rest.

o.O;;;;;; (Not to be confused wth O.o) 1. Okay yeah you are really strange now.

x.x 1. Ugh. Just..ugh. 2. (Recovering from x.X;;;; , any.)

X.X 1. AAAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.9 1. e.e(2) Whatever. 2. (Eye-roll) 3. Do what you want. (Looks at ceiling dismissively.)

u.u 1. (Upset.)

;-;... 1. Butbut.. 2. (Sniffle..cry..) 3. No! My way! ;-;(2) Please? 4. That's so sad!!!!!!!!

;.;... 1. Omg that's sad.. 2. Don't leave me alone!!

xD 1. (LOTS and LOTS of laughing. Probably at YOU, or something you did.)

^o^ 1. Aren't I cute?

>D 1. (Insert evil laughter.) 2. (Forming an evil plot.)

x] 1. Hehehe.

@_@ 1. x.X;;;(1,3) I can't..believe...geh..

:B 1. I'm so smart.

XD!!!!!! 1. (DYING of laughter)




Eh... 1. I dont really wanna. x.X;;;(See faces) 2. If you want to. 3. I dont care.

Eh? 1. I'd like to see you try. 2. Wha? O.o;;(See faces)

Meep 1. (Silence breaker) 2. I'm bored. Do something. 3. I want something I ain't telling.

Well!! 1. x.X;;;(See faces) I'm trying to fix my mistake of poor choice of words. 2. How would YOU do it? Eh?(1)

Hi. 1. (Silence breaker.) 2. Just what it says.

Ho 1. Playful name. 2. Real ho.

'Ey.... 1. >.o Stop that.

Hehe 1. Hehe. xD You funny.

Whimper 1. ;-;(See faces) Pwease? 2. (Depending on atmosphere) Cuddle me ;-; 3. (If it's a REAL whimper) I'm so freakin' depressed I could just kill something ;.;... I need a hug..;.;..

Sniffle 1. Am I not pitiful? You must be overcome with grief and need to bend to my will.

This is a never-ending page. x] I will constantly add words or faces as I find them.