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Kallie is...

1. Kallie is a special needs girl.

2. Kallie is beautiful and I cannot wait to see and hold her.
[ o.o Yes I can! o.O]

3. Kallie is extremely willing and eager to please.

4. Kallie is my own creation and is not available for adoption.
[ That's right, because I'm God! ]

5. Kallie is not that experienced of a hunter.

6. Kallie is our cook.
[ Didn't know google told the future! ]

7. Kallie is 30 years old, married and they have
no children as yet.

8. Kallie is the one with her arms "inside" her tutu.
[ *Cacklecackle.* ]

9. Kallie is a beautiful golden retriever

10. Kallie is an undead, perhaps a vampire but not exactly.

11. Kallie is the grand lady in a house of 5 cat.

12. Kallie is a rapper.

13. Kallie is focused on the winery.

14. Kallie is playful and good with older kids.

15. Kallie is still on medication.

16. Kallie is a wizard's apprentice.

17. Kallie is my miracle girl.
[ *Has a miracle girl.* o.O; ]

18. Kallie is not kidding, either.

19. Kallie is admitted to the hospital.

20. Kallie is of repeat breeding.

Angels or Devils
Michie and co. are....


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Have you ever done this? Okay, okay I took the idea from

Go to and click on advanced search. In the exact phrase field, type in [with the quotation marks] "yourname is" .
Below... is me and my friends. Done the search yet? Collect all you want said, and send to me, and I might just put it up here, ;)

Reena is...

1. Reena is a special girl and an awesome, gorgeous German Shepherd Dog.
2. Reena is an Allen F. Hainge Seminars CyberStar(TM).
3. Reena is a non-profit social service agency.
4. Reena is so beautiful, and she knows it too.
[ I know. BITCH! Wait, didn't we already say that in number 1? ]
5. Reena is already engaged to...
[ o.o To whom!??! ]
6. Reena is all set to get engaged to a boy living in the US.
[ Oh. Okay. ]
7. Reena is a young woman of surpassing beauty.
[ e.e I'm getting the picture! ]
8. Reena is a himalayan seal point mouse, she is just in the early stages of pregnancy.
9. Reena is fixating on the bare white wall in front of her.
10. Reena is a designated Certified Residential Specialist, Certified Relocation Counselor and a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, among others...
[ Wow, Ree'... ]
11. Reena is about to...
[ To what? ]
12. Reena is leaving for Ottawa.
[ Aww, stay! ]
13. Reena is engaged to a childhood friend Rajeev.
14. Reena is a wandering and somewhat lost soul.
15. Reena is the protagonist of the film.
16. Reena is both a commited recycler and an artist.
17. Reena is also planning for divorce.
18. Reena is devoted to her calling.
[ o.o Which is? ]
19. Reena is a helpless girl.
[ Aww.]
20. Reena is a tomboy with a James Bond hangover.

Michie is...

1. Michie is Keynoter for Illinois States American Education Week.
2. Michie is not mentioned on the invoice.
3. Michie is one of the country's leading financial historians.
4. Michie is Professor of English at Rice University.
[ Why wasn't I aware of this??! ]
5. Michie is now closed to boating and fishing due to declining water levels.
[ Knew I should've been drinking more water... ]
6. Michie is not acquired as it becomes available.
7. Michie is approximately 677.
8. Michie is an insider.
9. Michie: Secrets of Colossus Revealed
[ *Stare.* ]
10. Michie is the author of numerous papers and books.
[ Always wanted to be a writer... ]
11. Michie is serving rum and fruit punch in large fruit bowls.
12. Michie is offering Awamori to the spirits.
[ Wtf!!! ]
13. Michie is currently working on his fourth novel.
[ I am NOT a male! ]
14. Michie is Egyptian bred.
[ Make me sound like a dog... pff. ]
15. Michie is not in the dictionary.
16. Michie is a superb teacher, an innovative scholar, and a gifted administrator.
[ n.n Why thank you. ]
17. Michie is often asked to host events, which she regularly does.
[ o.o *Glances at the phone.* Hmn. ]
18. Michie is waiting to begin breakfast.
[ Cuz Ahm hungreh. ]
19. Michie is enjoying her miso soup.
[ Yum yum. ]
20. Michie is a world authority in artificial intelligence.

Idea borrowed by . Results from google site have been taken from searches on the website .