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Angels or Devils
Old Updates.


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My old updates until April 11th, 2003.

-April 11th, 2003           I'm finally getting down to it, and updating my My Little Pony page!! Soon, there will be a few pictures of my ponies n.n Not all of the, because they're all in storage, but some :)
-April 10th, 2003          There's a new button on this main page :) Know it is? It's saying I'm a freaking Demon Knight!!! n.n Lady Michie. Mm. Has a nice ring to it. Anyway, everyone, go and admire it. It's on the right with all my lovely funky things that have no where else to go. o_O Hm. That could become a page, if I get enough of them. Huh.
-April 5th, 2003            I've rearranged the sidebar. Now they go in alphabetical order. The top one, I know it says "THE Adventures" but normally, the "The" part is taken out an' put at the end so bite moih. :P I've also added a few more icons, in the LiveJournal Icons page. ;) Enjoy!
-April 4th, 2003            I'm putting up a new page... it has Ree and Kallie!! Their pictures, in fact! You can now match a face to their actions in The Adventures of Michie, Kallie and Ree ^_^ The new page is here: The Girls!
-April 2nd, 2003           I've made a new page!!! It's of my art. Here it is: Art Gallery I'm also making a page with Kallie and Ree's pictures, so I can prove we're not all madeup! LOL.
-April 2nd, 2003            HAPPY BIRTHDAY REE! Have made a special icon for you, darling. And also, for updates, made more icons ;) And, Kallie is FINISHED! On the Michie and co. are....  page, anyway. xD Anyone else want to be made in there? Drop me a line.
-April 1st, 2003              Finished Ree's, and am now working on Kallie's :)
-April 1st, 2003              I made a new page! It's HILARIOUS. Go look. It's called "Michie is..." I'm done with Michie for now, and am currently working on Reena is, then Kallie is. If you want to be a part of it, a-lemme know, you might just get added!
-March 31, 2003            Added a guest map! Be good little website viewers and go leave your pin!!!
-March 30-31, 2003      Icons. More... icons. And, welcome Windy and Firefly! I just adopted them today n.n
-March 29, 2003            More LJ icons put up. :) Enjoy!
-March 28, 2003            n.n;;; Hi again. Well, I'm gettin' excited :D I'm making tons of new icons, keep checking back throughout the evening and probably on through tomorrow for more icons to keep popping up.
-March 28, 2003            Well I did it. I changed the design. Look at it, isn't it cool? Stfu. Anywho, I made and added a new LJ icon. Is it not the coolest Gabrielle icon you've ever seen?
-March 27, 2003            Yooo. Well, I've been told that some people actually -do- look at my website, so I've decided to update everyone. Currently, I have no adoptions page, as, well, no adoption sites have crossed my path. I changed my website's name from the stupid, overly cheery, 'Michie's Pics 'n Thoughts! I'm on SPEED!' to 'Broth'r bought a coconut . . .' it's just one of those cool songs. "Coconut" by Harry Nilson, who I swear sounds just like my cousin/godfather. o_O Can you -have- a godfather if you aren't christian/catholic? Who the hell knows. Anyway. I've also added a section for LiveJournal icons. I'll update that as I come across icons worthy of gracing my website. Let's see... what else. Hm. I'm thinking of a different outlook. The neutral tones are getting to me. Well, who knows. I'm also putting all the old updates until this one, onto a new page strictly for old updates who weirdo's who want to see how far along my website has come. Bunch'a freaks. Anyway. Until next time.
-Mar-- 3/3/3!                           Hehe. Like the date? Happy 3 threes! Only happens once! This very day! Woooooo!!!! Three days, all three! Does that NOT kick ass?! It's like, prophetic. This day's gonna kick. ANYWAY! Updates. I've added quite a few more pages, such as Adoptables, the one about Internet Bumper Stickers(TM) and more :) All are still under construction, I'll update here when I'm done messing with them, hehe. Btw... I'm thinking of changing the look. What do you think? Oh hell, no one probably looks at my website anyway xD So I'll change it for me-self! Hmph! Hehe. Anywho, look around, see if you found any new updates I forgot to mention. It's like, easter egg hunting. Isn't that cool? You know, I really need to get a guestbook. I wonder if I could get one at Bravenet. Hmm. *Walks off to ponder.*
-February 21, 2003               I added a new page, with new pics of me! And oh god, I need to find my old friend's phone number because it's her 16th birthday today x_X
-February 20th, 2003           More adventures are being added! Go look ^^ Make me happy. Oh, and character pictures will be posted soon. Currently, we need people who want to play the voice of the tarantula, in The Spider, and the spider trooper in Kallie and the Trooper. ^^ Email me if you'd like to try out! My email address is
-February 19th, 2003          I just added another adventure in. Go look! Oh, and I have a surprise coming soon, reguarding the Adventures. ;)
-February 18th, 2003         I put in some new adventures, and edited the page a bit! Now we have episodes, and titles! Woo! And, I put up a nice Xena ad. WE WANT A XENA MOVIE! YEAH! I ought to make a Xena page. Hmm.
-January 30, 2003             ^_^ I changed my picture again. I think it's semi-decent. You like? >D Can't touch this!!
-January 25-26, 2003      I'm putting in some more quizzes on my quiz page :D I also added a few more buttons to my button page ^^;;; Hehe. Go check it out :D I also put up two new pages, both with a huge picture on each of their named people >D Ehehe.
-January 23-24, 2003      I made another update! I added a Fan-Button page, go check it out! So far I've got Actors, Actresses, Movies, and TV episodes. I'm thinking of making Characters, too. Yeah probably. Alright go look, I'm working on it.
-January 2nd, 2003         Hehe, guess what again! I just remember my quiz results! ^^ I'm having fun, re-taking them and know what? PUTTING THEM UP HERE! So just go to the bar to the left, and click Quiz / Test Results! :D
-January 2nd, 2003         Yello! Guess what! I just got an LJ! You can see it here:
-December 29th, 2002     Bwah! I've done a little in the "Michie" page. Please go there and tell me what to do with it! I'm so lost ;_; I've also added some to my MLP page! Go check it out! Annnnd I've changed my picture. You like?
-December 7th, 2002       I've added "Michienese." It will explain funny noises and faces I made. I've also started "Michie." It will be an About Me page. I'm going to start on the My Little Pony page next. There'll be all sorts of stuff :) Pictures, links, all that junk. Hehe.
-December 5th, 2002      I've moved from my old site,   to here! I like this space much better, it's a lot more personal and easier :B I highly reccomend! And you know that means something, because I hate almost everything on the web x]