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Angels or Devils


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The Adventures of Michie, Kallie, and Ree! The misguided dream team of semi-dangerous but comical situations!

x] Now who didn't see this coming.
Ree: Omg, dude, if we were ever in this dark cave, I am NOT plowing through the cobwebs.
Michie: Oh yes you are.
Ree: <.< Let's make Kallie do it.
Michie: Okay.
Michie: Kallie the pure one can plow through the spiderwebs.
Kallie: AAAAAAAAHHH!!!! *flailflail *SPIDER!! SPIDER!!! -- ;___; OH MY GOD. I THINK IT'S DEAD!! ;.; Poor little spider...
Whereas Ree would be..
And Michie
Michie: O___O AHHHH!!!! SPIDER!!!! SPIDER!!!! *flail, runs away*
Kallie: <.<
Ree: >.>.. Don't look at me. I'M not going after her this time.
Michie: xD Dude. Okay so I wouldn't be the one to kill the spiders
Ree: xD Or any insect of any kind.
Michie: But I -would- deal with things that are human sized. I can fight >O
Ree: xD Lol. Yeah. You'd be in charge of holding doors back, too.
*Episode 1: The Zombies Behind the Door*
Written by: Ree
Ree: >/ *holding the door closed as rabid zombies attempt to get in* Oh yes, make the short, insignificant one hold the door. Great idea. -- >.< *door gets half open*
Kallie: >.<!!!
Michie: >D *runs at the door, slams into it at full force!!*
People: AAARRRGHHH!!! *hands severed*
Michie: xD *cackles madly*
*Episode 2: The Infiltration*
Written by: Ree

Ree: <.<;; *walks out with flyswatter*
Michie: ;_; *trails behind her*
Ree: >.>;;;; *nears kitchen, reaches in, turns on light..*
Michie: ;.; BE CAREFUL!
Ree: >/ SHH!!
Michie: >.<;;
Ree: >.>;;;; *JUMPS IN, spins around!!!*
Michie: ;_;!!!!!
Ree: <.<;;;; ............ Nothing. u.u Now will you PLEASE make some chocolate milk already?!
*Episode 3: The Urge*
Written by: Michie
Michie: *Wakes up with the urge* x.x... Ree.. *Runs over to Ree's bed, shaking her violently.* REE!!!!!
Ree: O.O;;; WTF! WHAT?!
Michie: ;_; I have to tinkle...
Ree: e.e *Grabs the flyswatter, and gets out of bed, walking to the bathroom.*
Ree: >.< *Stays away from the walls.*
Michie: ;.; Be carefullll!
Ree: >.< SHH!!!
Michie: ;_;!!!!! *Holds crotch.*
Ree: *Pushes open the door.. flicks on the light.. steps in and looks around warily.* Okay.. it's safe...
Michie: ;_; THANKYOUTHANKYOU!! *Runs in and slams the door, rushing to the toilet.*
Ree: e.e *Stands outside, holding the flyswatter at bay until they go back to bed.*
*Episode 4: The Spider*
Written by: Michie
Ree: o.O *Finds a tarantula. Picks up a stick and takes a good poke at it.*
Tarantula: U.e;;...
Ree: O.o;;; *Pokepokes.*
Tarantula: U.E!!!!! *Scuttles to the side.*
Ree: o.O *Follows, pokepokes.*
Tarantula: >.< *Scuttlescuttle!*
Ree: >D *Pokepokepokepoke!*
Tarantula: GOD LEAVE ME ALONE!!! >.<!!!
Ree: O_O;;;
*Episode 5: The Pipe*
Written by: Ree
Michie & Kallie: :/ *assessing how to get up a pipe to get something*
Ree: o_o *standing there humming, not really thinking about it*
Them: >.>......
Ree: o.o;.... -.- No.
Them: Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssseee?
Ree: >/ NO!
Them: ;_;
Ree: u.u God. Rrr. FINE! Fine. Just -- that's ALL I am to you now isn't it? OH!
She's small and insignificant! Let's shove her up a pipe!!
*Episode 6: Michie: Rabid Fangirl.*
Written By: Ree and Michie
Michie: O.O;;; IT'S GREG!!! *flails arms* o.o;;;; Cool... calm... *still jiggling arms*
Ree: Uhhhh... maybe you shouldn't go over there, remember what happ -- AW MICHIE, NO!
Michie: ^____^ *already halfway there as Ree is the character that goes on and on logically and no one ever listens to her anyway*
Kallie & Ree: x.X;;;;; *watches as Greg shakes her hand and smiles, and as Michie flails and melts into a small gelatinous pool on the sidewalk*
Ree: Aw god.. x.x Get the mop..
*Episode 7: Kallie and the Trooper*
Written by: Ree
Kallie: *sitting there on the couch reading a magazine, minding her own business as a giant spider looms on the other side*
Spider: >/ *in headset and combat wear* Target spotted. I'm going in! *creepcreep*
Kallie: n_n *looks over, looks back at magazine.. --* O.O;; AHHH!!
Spider: O.O;; OH GOD! I'VE BEEN SPOTTED, TELL MY FAMILY I LOVE THEM AND -- *suddenly being flung around on her sleeve* AHHH!! OH GOD!!! OH GOD THE HUMANITY!!
Kallie: O.O;;;; GET IT OFF ME, GET IT OFF ME!!
Ree and Michie: O_O;;;; *swatting at her with her with miscellaneous objects*
Spider: ;___; Goodbye.... cruel world...
Kallie: ;____; OH MY GOD, ITS DEAD!!
*an hour later*
Kallie: ;.; *with it in a tiny coffin, lowers it into the toilet, sobbing*
Ree and Michie: e.e;;;;; *in black dresses and veils*
*Episode 8: The Squirrel*
Written by: Ree
Kallie, Michie and Ree: *coming home after a drive around town*
Kallie: >/ I can't believe you did that!!
Ree: >_< What?!? It was a squirrel! I'm not crashing the car for a squirrel!! X.X;;;
Kallie and Michie: ;_; SO!! IT'S A LIVING BEING! ;.;! *runs up stairs*
Ree: >.<;;;; I probably did it a FAVOR!!! It probably had rabies!! u.u;;;;;;

*Episode 9: Quiz Diva*
Written by: Kallie
Ree> -browsing through a site- o.o Heey I found this cool quiz site
Michie> A quiz huh? ^^ -runs over and sits beside her-
Kallie> -sitting over at the table drawing- o.o what kinda quiz is it?
Ree> o.o..I think a sexual quiz..
Michie and Ree> @___@ Oooooo
Kallie> >.>...........
Kallie> -goes over and looks-
Ree> o.o -clicks on the site-
Michielle> -cracks up laughing-
Ree> O.O AHHHH!!! the POP UPS!!
Ree> -click click click- NOO!! THEY KEEP COMMING UP!
Michelle> -trying to calm Kallie down- KALLIE CALM DOWN!
Ree> SHUT UP!! AHHH! it won't CLOSE!
Our Moms> HEEYY! hunny, we all got together and decided to visit
Michie Kallie and Ree> NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! @.@
*Episode 10: The Video*
Written by: Kallie
Kallie> -comes back with a workout video- ^^ They were selling these half price at the video store
Ree>  Oh yeah? What kind of video?
Michelle> Maybe it'll be a SCARY movie.  Kallie needs her daily scream >D
Kallie> 9.9 -rolls her eyes-  hmph,  nooo. It's a workout video.
Ree>  ...what did you just say..
Kallie> a work out vide o.o...
Michelle and Ree>  .......
Michelle>  BLASPHEMYYY!! -points to Kallie-
Kallie> But I though it would be fun ;-;!!
Ree>  BURN BURN BURN!! -charges at Kallie-
Kallie>  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! X.x -runs away from them-
Ree> -Catches up with her and grabs her- WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH KALLIE?!?! -shake!!-
Michelle> -grabs some fire and hovers it over her head-  >O
Kallie>  Ahhhh x.X -looks at the tape and swindles out- I brough it home so we could .....burn it..
Ree> o.o Well why didn't you say that sooner
Michelle> o.O yeah.. -grabs the tape and burns it over the fire-
Kallie>  ~.~....
*Episode 11: Snow Day*
Written by: Michie
Kallie: ^_^ Snow! *Runs to the window and pulls it open, leaning her head out and looking.*
Michie: ~.- Snow... *Walks over and looks out.*
Ree: >D *Runs up behind them, forces them away, jumps out of the window, and dives through the snow head-first.*
Kallie and Michie: O.o;.... Psycho...
Ree: ^_^!!!! *Makes a snow angel!*
*Episode 12: Current Events*
Written by: Ree
Ree: >/ DIE DIE
Michie: e.e Nothing is dying yet.
Ree: This blows.
Kallie: ^_^ Popcorn? *hands over bowl*
*Episode 13: Friendship . . . Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong*
Based On An Actual Event
Michie: ^_^ Here. *Links Kallie to a site, playing climactic music saying just how much of a friend Kallie is to her.*
Kallie: ^.^ Aww. That's so sweet! *Hugs* I love it! It's so touching... and the music.. so climactic!
Michie: ^_^
Kallie: ^^ *Closes it after a little bit. ... The music continues to play.* >.>;;
Michie: o.o?
Kallie: x_X MAKE IT STOP MAN! MAKE IT STOOOPPPPPPPPPP! *The music goes on. 30 minutes later. The music continues to play.*
Kallie: @_E;;; DEATH TO ALL SINNERS!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *Swings a knife around! Holds up a goat head!!!!*
Ree: >.> *Tied up with Michie, about to be lowered into a shark pit.* ~.~ I... hate you...
*Episode 14: The Earlier Years*
Written by: Michie

Kallie: o.o;; *Waves at Ree from the train.*
Ree: X_X;;; *PANT! PANT! HEAVE! RUN! RUN! RUN!!!!!*
Kallie: o.o;;; *Scribbles down a note on a piece of paper, pushes it up to the glass: "You SURE You don't want on the train?"*
Ree: X_X *Headshake! Run! Run! Pant! Heave!*
Kallie: o.o;;... *Scribbles again: "There's a bridge coming up. Can you dive and swim?"
Ree: X_X!!!!!!!!!! *Trips. Falls. Dies.* x.x;

*A week later*
Ree: u.u *in full body cast* ... I hate.. trains...
Kallie: ^_^;;; But you weren't even on it...
Ree: u.u.... Shut up.
*Episode 15: Time of the Month*
Written by: Michie

Ree: n.n Come on.. Kallie... just... one?
Kallie: >.> No!
Michie: Please, Kal. I need it.... so badly.
Kallie: ;_; Keep AWAY FROM ME!!! You KNOW how you two get when you're both on your period... *Grabs Ree's cigarettes and Michie's green tea with honey and ginseng and slowly creeps to the window...* >.>; STAY.
Michie and Ree: *Exchange glances. CHARGE!!!!!*
Ree and Michie: >O Shueler Kallie! We'll get you for this, Shueler Kallie!

Brought to you by the corrupt minds of Kallie, Michie, and Ree. Copyright Kallie, Michie, Ree, and Michie's Pics 'n Thoughts. Suckers.